Sex Addiction Treatment Group

STOP SEX AND LOVE ADDICTION FROM RUINING YOUR LIFE Recovery Zones Start Kit Group If you or someone you love is struggling with a sex or love addiction this group may be crucial step toward recovery. In this weekly, ongoing group, participants have a safe and confidential space where they learn to identify keys to [...]

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Coffee on the first Wednesday morning of each month!

Attention: Physicians, Human Resource Staff, and Clergy You are invited to join me for coffee on the first Wednesday of each month at 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM You are invited to meet with me for coffee on the first Wednesday morning of each month when we meet with community leaders, Physicians, and Human Resources staff to talk [...]

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The Cost of Sitting on Your Hands When a Solution is Within Your Grasp

The problems we face each day are often overwhelming. We give it our all at work and we often do all we can in our personal relationships. Too often people face challenges and experience an immobilizing fear that whatever they choose to do will result in negative consequences. In facing such fear the response too [...]

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Is Your Business Being Held Back by Porn Addicted Employees?

The impact of pornography addiction on businesses productivity is staggering. It is estimated that US corporations lose $16.9 billion in worker productivity each year due to employees engaged in watching internet pornography. In 2009, a study published by Michael Leahy reported that two out of three human resource department representatives reported finding pornography on their [...]

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