Services Provided

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Individual Psychotherapy

The people I treat often seek therapy when they are having difficulty functioning at work or experiencing problems in their relationships. Individual psychotherapy or “talk therapy” provides the most individualized and focused treatment. It allows you the most time to discuss your issues and it allows me the time and ability to get to know you and focus on your most pressing concerns. However, individual therapy often needs the help of other ancillary therapies.

Group Psychotherapy

Various forms of group therapies offered at Ovitz Psychotherapy Associates, LLC will greatly enhance the progress you are making in treatment. Psycho-educational groups will help you to build interpersonal skills and integrate what you learned in your individual therapy. Process oriented group therapy is the treatment modality of choice for many people struggling with Personality Disorders or Sexual Behavior problems. It uses the insight of other group attendees who share similar issues and is guided by the therapist’s insights. Through this process of listening and sharing with the group and by examining your relationships and interrelationships with other group members you can make giant leaps forward toward reaching your goals.

Couples Therapy

Whether you are struggling with a depressed mood, a personality related disorder, or a sexual behavior problem the chances are your problem has significantly impacted your most important relationships. When you suffer your relationship suffers and so does your partner. Some seek couples therapy for this very reason. For others, life cycle changes, adjusting to a new phase of life or a new job, or a recent loss can impact a couple’s relationship. What is needed is a new way to hear and be heard and a new way to receive, relate, and love in return.

Therapy for Sexual Behavior Problems

Sexual behavior is often a problem when it has gotten in the way of your job performance or has destroyed your most crucial relationships. If you are struggling with your sexual behavior therapy can help you take control and help you save your job, avoid hurting others, avoid contracting a sexually transmitted disease, committing a crime, losing your family, and facing other humiliating consequences.

It All Starts With A Phone Call

Prior to beginning any form of treatment you will receive an initial 15 minute free consultation. During this consultation I will make an effort to hear what your presenting problems are and what type of help you are seeking. If appropriate, I will schedule you for an initial intake session which will begin the initial assessment. After 2-3 sessions we will determine together whether or not you need mental health treatment. If therapy is warranted you will identify what your goals are in treatment. Finally, we will identify what treatment modalities will best suite you.

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Forensic Assessment

We offer over 25 years of experience in providing accurate and well respected forensic assessments and have experience in providing courts with appropriate recommendations. We appreciate the needs of clients and their attorneys. Assessments are tailored to meet the needs of Employment Assistance/Human Resource staff, school districts, DCP&P caseworkers, as well as parole and probation officers. We provide the following assessments:

  • Violence and Sex Offender Risk Assessment
  • Sexual Compulsivity Assessment
  • Internet Sexual Compulsivity Risk Assessment
  • Sex Offender Living With Children Assessment